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Good Friday Sermons 2014, Good Friday Sermons Online

Good Friday Sermons 2014 are playing dominant role to create a pure holy scenario in the churches. Sermons are the Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic. These sermons are written on the idea on past and present thoughts of deferent people. In the every church of the world, sermons are considered to be foremost to for speech. Here you will find good quality sermons to make holy festival. In the early days sermons were delivered in the form of questions and answers.

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And these sermons were collected from the phrases of bible. But nowadays sermons are different types according to the festival. So let’s check out some good quality sermons.

Good Friday Sermons 2014

1) “What is truth?” That’s the question Pilate asks Jesus. It’s a good question Jesus has just said, “For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth.” We who have heard John’s Gospel remember that Jesus has earlier said that he, Jesus himself, IS the truth, so we look to Jesus for the answer.

2) The Good Friday truth is that life hurts. All of us here are old enough to have experienced that truth. We, like Jesus, know how it feels to have someone we love disappoint us, perhaps even betray and abandon us. There may even be times when life hurts so much that we, like Jesus, think even God has abandoned us, and cry out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”]

3) It was three o’clock. Jesus called for water. He could hardly speak. A soldier fixed a sponge on a spear and held it up to his lips. It was terribly bitter but it was enough. He strained to raise his head and look up to heaven. “It is finished,” he cried and then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

4) At the time, the moment was filled with too much emotion for those words to sink in and to ponder what they meant. But later as the early Christians read John’s Gospel and heard again those words, it dawned on them just how powerful these dying words of Jesus were. John wrote his Gospel in Greek, and those last words of Jesus are just one word in

Greek – tetelestai

5) 1. A man was walking down a street when he noticed in a store window a beautiful painting of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He stood there gazing at the picture for the longest than realized that a little boy was standing beside him. He patted the little boy on the head and said, “Son, what does that mean?” The little boy said, “Doncha know? That there man is Jesus, an’ the woman that’s crying is His mother, an’ them others is Roman soldiers. They killed Him.” The man smiled and then started walking away. In a few moments he heard someone running, turned and saw that it was the little boy. He came running up to the man, out of breath, and said, “Mister, mister, I forgot to tell you that he didn’t stay dead.”

6) If you were to visit Jerusalem, about a block from the Old City wall you would find The Garden Tomb, where it is believed Jesus was laid after His death. Normally, more than 250,000 visitors a year visit the site. However, visitors don’t visit the tomb to pay their respects to the one that is dead. They go there because the tomb is empty. People don’t go to the tomb to mourn. They go there by the thousands to rejoice. They don’t go there to weep, but to worship.

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