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Easter Quotes for Mothers 2014, Fathers, Sister, Grandmothers

Here you can find Easter Quotes for Mothers 2014 to give them esteem on Easter. Every mother loves their children. So this is the best time to show the affection to the mother on this holy day. We should try to give happiness to our valuable mothers through the Easter quotes for mothers. It will be the golden movement of life for every mother as well as it makes the relationship stronger.

Our Easter quotes for mothers are the best quality on the internet. You will feel the blessings of mother’s along with Jesus Christ. So try our best Easter quotes for mothers and barb the love of mothers.

Easter Quotes for Mothers 2014

1) May God’s love and power,

Fill your heart with joy

Today and forever.

Happy Easter Day 2014!

2) May the spirit of hope that Easter brings,

Help you find contentment in little things,

And restore your faith in the Lord above,

Who gave His life for the ones He loves.

Happy Easter day 2014!

3) There’s a dear and precious Book,

Though it’s worn and faded now,

Which recall those happy days of long ago,

When I stood at mother’s knee,

With her hand upon my brow,

Happy Easter Day 2014!

4) Well, those days are past and gone,

But their memory lingers still

And the dear old Book each day has been my guide;

As I seek to do His will,

As my mother taught me then,

And ever in my heart His Words abide.

Happy Easter Day 2014!

5) Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same; and most mothers kiss and scold together.

Happy Easter Day 2014!

6) Mother-love and God-love

Are a combination rare,

And ones that can’t be beaten

When sealed in earnest prayer.

Happy Easter Day 2014!

7) With her God she held her fortress,

And though not a word she said,

My stubborn heart was broken

By those imprints on my bed.

Happy Easter Day 2014!

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